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Angela Hair Braiding Salon is owned and led by Angela, a professional beautician with more than 25 years of experience in hair braiding. She has built her expertise from the very kingdom of hair braiding (Africa). Her experience acquired in salons in Mali, Ivory Coast, Togo and the United States made her one of the most talented hair braider of her generation.

She spent many years leading salons in West Africa before coming to the United States where she polished her styles and fashions. She has braided hundreds of customers with complete satisfaction in USA, and she is one of the references in hair braiding in the Northern Virginia Area.

At Angela Hair Braiding Salon

We Offer

A wide range of hair braiding styles. One-on-one consultations in a safe and loving environment or over the phone. A friendly, professional, experienced and highly creative staff. Comfortable and convenient location. More than 28 years experience in enhancing natural beauty.